Giving protection to unoccupied property through guardianship

Protection of empty property - an absolute must!

There can be several reasons why some properties remain unoccupied for a long period of time. While the reasons could be unavoidable, you cannot undermine the fact that keeping your property unused for a long period can be quite risky too. An empty property is always an easy target for trouble-makers. When a property is unused and unoccupied, a lot of anti-social practices can conveniently take place in it. Drug trafficking could be just one of such things. Unoccupied properties also attract thieves and vandals who can use it as their hide-out. Some properties also have a lot that could be stolen like the metal used in grills or other such things that make up the property. Property owners often find it quite difficult to keep an eye on their property, particularly when they are away in another country or are busy traveling. For such people, protection of their empty (unoccupied) property is an absolute must. Protection of empty property is not practically possible without a person staying in it and this is what is making the live-in property guardians popular across the United Kingdom.

The empty homes need to be taken care of and guarded from anti-social elements. Also, empty homes tend to invite higher home premiums. When you have live-in property guardians, you can protect your home from external anti-social elements as well as protect it from being liable to pay extra taxes. So, who are these live-in property guardians and how can they help the property owners?

What is property guardianship and how can it help property owners?

Property guardianship is the use of property guardians, who are responsible adults who are looking for affordable housing. While they get affordable housing, in return they offer to take care of the property and protect it from unsolicited visitors. Also, as the property is no longer vacant, the higher property taxes will not have to be paid. The Live-in Guardians in London can be found through property maintenance specialists. 


These companies offer specialized services to property owners who leave their properties vacant for an extended time to help protect and maintain the value of the unoccupied property. These property maintenance specialists screen people who approach them to become property guardians. They have a special screening of the people who approach them so that they let out the property to them with confidence. Though the rent charged to these property guardians is significantly lower, they have an added responsibility of ensuring the protection of the property.

The property management firm usually covers property management services of ancient homes but all other residential buildings, office buildings, schools, libraries, former care homes, etc. can also be covered. Empty property management has become quite essential with the significant increase in the crime rates.


Considering the fact that any untoward incident in your empty property can invite legal proceedings against the property owner, it is always better to be cautious and take steps to avoid any complications. With property management service, a property owner will have this peace of mind that in his absence, his property is taken care of.

Who can become property guardians?


Property guardians are basically individuals who agree to take the responsibility of caring for a property while living in it. Different property management specialist firms have different requirements for the property guardians they prefer to have. In most cases, almost all such companies look for UK or EU residents or people who have permanent residential permit in London and are of a minimum 18 to 21 years of age.

It is also required that these people are employed and have a certain basic (minimum) annual salary. Proofs of references are also needed to be filed. The property management company will conduct a background check on people and only when they are found to have a clean record, they can be registered as property guardians. You can look for more information here. 

If you are looking at How to cut your rent and are willing to take the responsibility of basic care and protection of a property and if you meet the listed requirements, you can easily become a property guardian. The basic and the most important benefit of becoming a property guardian is the cost saving in terms of rent as the rent payable is negligible when compared to the other rental properties. On the other hand, there could be some disadvantages too like not all properties are furnished and this might become a little inconvenient and in most cases, pets are not allowed. The property guardians are also not permitted to have a lot of guests. But from the cost savings perspective, these small disadvantages can well be accommodated.

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