British Gas Homecare Information

British Gas Homecare is a provider of a range of services which involve care and maintenance of various home systems, especially boiler, heating, plumbing and drains, electrical woks as well as gas inspection services. The homecare services cover service and repair costs, and the clients pay a constant amount per month depending on the range of services that will be included in the monthly package.

Since British Gas Homecare offers a wide range of services, the prices, extent of coverage and the level of care vary greatly according to individual needs. You can also decide to take a one-off individual service, a combination of services or enroll for a monthly package and Collect Nectar points with British Gas Homecare.

There Are 4 Main British Gas Homecare Services 

Homecare 100 Homecare 200
This is the most basic of the British Gas Home Care Products. It covers the boiler: annual servicing of the controls, safety, and energy efficiency testing. The price of this cover is fixed, and the client enjoys unlimited call outs annually. This package, in addition to the services provided in Homecare 100, covers the central heating systems. This means that the clients get to enjoy energy efficiency, safety efficiency, annual boiler servicing services as well as heating system checks.
Homecare 300 Homecare 400
The range of services included in this package is wider. In addition to the safety and energy efficiency tests, boiler control and central heating system servicing, the clients also benefit from plumbing (hot and cold water pipes and storage tanks) and drainage checks and repairs. This is the most popular of the Homecare packages, and the most comprehensive of the 4. This package includes all services offered in Homecare 300, in addition to home electricity and gas system checks. The services include checking and repairing fault electrical wiring and fittings in and out of the house.

The Homecare Covers Explained

There are different services offered under these covers.

Central Heating Cover

This involves the repairs and servicing of the central gas heating system. This system involves the boilers, radiators, controls, pipes and all the valves.

Plumbing Cover

This covers the internal plumbing network – pipes and taps, cold water storage reservoirs, and stopcocks.

Plumbing and Drains Cover

This cover involves inspection and repair of internal plumbing, pipes and drains as well as unblocking any clogged parts of the water supply system.

Electrical Cover

This involves inspection and repair of electrical wiring, and fittings such as sockets, fuse boxes etc

Boiler and Controls Cover

It involves inspection, servicing and repair of the boiler and the controls, as well as the hot water system (pipes and storage).

Homecare Additional Services

All homecare packages come with unlimited annual call outs and you will not be required to pay any extra labour charges. These callout could be related to boiler and controls systems, energy and safety efficiency tests and boiler replacements (incase it is damaged beyond repair). You get to enjoy your Peace of mind with British Gas HomeCare packages since most of the necessary services are included in the plans.

All packages come with 24 hour emergency response. This means that you can call at any time and the engineers will be at your service to check and fix the problem. Additionally, you can always get the British Gas Homecare Contact Info with a simple online search.

It is important to note that there are services that are excluded in the packages. These include repairing showers and unclogging boilers and heating systems that are blocked by hard water scales or sludge. The repair and replacement of shared drains, taps electrical appliances and system improvements is also not covered.

What Influences The Service You Get?

There are a few factors that are considered when giving Homecare servicing. These factors include:

The price of the package (which is heavily influenced by the package you pick as well as the breakdown history of the previous year – for existing clients).

The terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement. It is therefore important to read the agreement’s fine print before signing it.

The replacements required. For example, a boiler replacement is only cost free if it was installed by British Gas or it is less than 7 years old. Anything older and installed by someone else will attract replacement costs.

How to Minimize Boiler Call Outs

Boilers are particularly in dire need or attention in the winter, especially due to condensation. Luckily, you can do something you can do to prevent most of these problems.

You can protect pipes against freezing by keeping the heat on throughout. Make sure you turn it to low temperatures to keep it energy efficient.

If the pipes are already frozen, you can use warm water to unfreeze them then lag with an insulator. However, this is only temporary until an expert arrives to check the pipes. These services are clearly stipulated in the Boiler Servicing Contracts with Homecare.



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