Advantages of Gas Boiler Cover: What You Need To Know

If the thought of your central heating system malfunctioning on an ice-cold winter day makes your last nerve quiver, it is time you thought of getting a good boiler cover. If you are like most people, a boiler cover is one of those many items that you intend to sort out but never really get round to it. Eventually, your boiler breaks down and leaves you with ice cold water to use. When you get to calling plumbers and engineers to fix it for you, you pay so much that you wish you had taken the insurance instead. Well, before you take it now, let’s look at the advantages at your disposal now.

Reasons Why You Should Take Up a Gas Boiler Cover

There are several types of boiler covers offered by energy providers. You can get a bare minimum cover (insuring the boiler only) or a comprehensive home cover insuring all systems. Regardless of the cover you take, here are the main advantages of heating breakdown insurance. 

1. Convenience and Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than a conked out boiler in the middle of winter. What worsens the situation is that it is almost impossible to get a plumber to fix it for you in the freezing cold. However, if you have a boiler cover, you can rest easy as you can make a call out and an engineer from the insuring agency will come over and fix it for you. Check out how to book an engineer and be in the know.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Assuming your boiler breaks down (which they do eventually, even if they are new), repairs do not come cheap. A one-time repair can cost you £200 (on the lower side) while the average boiler cover goes for £100 per annum. Keep in mind that the covers allow several to unlimited repair per year at no extra cost. Additionally, some covers offer replacement of bad boilers for free or at minimal cost.

3. Regular Servicing

Every boiler cover includes annual comprehensive home services. Let’s be real, if you do not have a boiler cover and your system is not showing any signs of breaking, chances are servicing it will always slip your mind. Regular servicing saves you the trouble and the cash when something goes wrong with the boiler.

4. Unlimited Access to Service Personnel

While leaking and blocked pipes as well as broken thermostat and malfunctioned controls warrant a call to a plumber, a few hours of cold water may not be considered an emergency. However, it is still an inconvenience. If you do not have a cover, the plumber will fix it for you, and may end up charging heftily. However, if you are covered, all you need to do is make a call to your insuring agency and they may direct you on how to fix the problem if it is minor, or send someone to fix it for you. You can take advantage of the British Gas Homecare Phone Numbers.

Now that we have already established that it is important to get a boiler cover, let’s look at the essentials you need to keep in mind.

Essential Things to Know About Boiler Covers

1. Landlord Covers

Before you take a cover, check with your landlord to see if you are already covered. In most cases, the landlord takes the boiler cover for the tenants. If your landlord has taken a cover, go over the details of the agreement so as to know your responsibilities.

2.  Home Insurance

If you are a home owner, go over your home insurance to check if the boiler is covered or if you need a separate cover for it. In most comprehensive home covers, the boiler and the heating system is insured.

3. Consider the Age of Your Boiler

If you have a new boiler (installed within the last 12 months, it is on your manufacturer’s warranty. If you have one that is 7 yrs or less, you may get good terms on your contract. However, if the boiler is more than 15 yrs old, chances are most insurers will shy away from giving you a cover.

4. What Agreement Are You Signing?

While boiler covers may appear similar, there is a difference in the service agreements. Some covers may have a cap on the call outs while others may not. Therefore, before you take a cover, scrutinize the agreement. Ask about; the prices, call out number, services per year, cost of replacing the boiler, and such questions

5. What Type of Cover Do You Want?

There are several types of Homecare Products. There are 3 basic covers. They include 

A boiler only policy, which covers the ‘white box” and any other thing outside the boiler is not insured
A heating system cover which insures the boiler and the heating system (including the controls, radiators, pipes, heating pumps
Home emergency policy covers a myriad of things from the boiler and central heating system to pest infestation

As we approach winter, a boiler cover is a must have. You don’t want to leave your family in the freezing cold should anything go wrong.

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