Why People Hesitate Going For Home Renovation, Extension or Conversion!

Things rust with time and the same thing stands true for houses and homes as well. Things need to be replaced and repaired and rebuilt in order for them to sustain themselves and in order for them to remain of use to us. The same goes for the walls of your home, the doors and windows of your house and the layout and design of the place where you live.

Yet, people shy away from ‘change’ or should we say home renovation or extension or conversion even when there is a valid reason for them to go for that change. People shy away from renovation even when the paint from the walls starts to peel away, they shy away from extensions even when the house gets too congested for their inhabitants and they shy away from a conversion even when they know it would be for the better.

The reasons why people do so are:

•   Cost
This is the number one reason why people avoid renovations and extensions. There is no doubt that your pocket would take a hit when you would go for any of these choices. However, shying away from this one-time investment won’t prove to be a wise decision. You might save your money for now but without renovation, there would come a time where the house would become too difficult to live in and it won’t even sell for a decent price then. It would cost a lot more to get it renovated then too. So, why not spend lesser earlier? With a bit of research, you would always come in contact with a company that would offer its services at a decent rate too. It’s simple, spend now to spend less!

•    Sell the House and Move to a New One
A lot of people feel that rather than to renovate or extend their house, moving to a newer one would be the more cost-effective option. However, in reality, it hardly turns out this way. When you would go on the market to sell a house in need of renovation, you won’t get a good deal for your house. And when with that money you would try to buy a new house, you would also get one in need of renovation. So, why do all that moving and then do renovation when you could’ve got your home renovated in the first place?

•    Non-Availability of a Reputable Home Renovation Company
Many people set their heart on getting their house renovated but leave the option when they don’t find many reputable companies to choose from. We accept, there aren’t many top companies on the market that charge moderately and offer good services but there are a few still that should be able to meet your requirements..all you need to do is to locate them. And you don’t need to worry much about it now as you have already found us! Your lucky day for sure!

Stone Guard Home Development- Passionate, Reliable, Cheap!

We are passionate about developing, renovating, extending and converting homes..we don’t just do it as our job..we do it as a passion! We are reliable as far as our services go and deliver what we promise..our track record proves that much! And we are cheap as well and won’t charge you more than what would be a fair price for your house’s renovation or extension!

We won’t just renovate your house..we would make your house your home again!

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My wife was the one who took the initiative of renovating the house while I wasn’t quite sure if that was a good idea. However, after seeing the wonderful job Stone Guard Home Development has done, I must say I am mighty impressed by my wife’s taste and selection! Terrific job people!
William S. Barlow and Henna S. Barlow

Happy Clients

It was a hard decision to convert our old country house into an apartment but we must say we are very pleased that we chose these guys for the job. Total professionals and passionate builders, we won’t be going anywhere else for renovation, conversion or extension from now on!
Liam T. Stewart and Vanessa J. Abraham